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    What's the Scandal...

    $200 Halloween Contest Week 1 Roundup - with Pictures!

    $200 Halloween Contest Week 1 Roundup - with Pictures!

    Happy haunting! Our Halloween contest for a $200 Blue Scandal gift card is well underway! Official rules below!! But first let's take a look at the contestants so far:

    Going from top to bottom:

    1. Cana_MUA_ (instagram) as Bride of Chucky
    2. Mellionie Rogers (Facebook) as Minnie Mouse
    3. Ziizii21 (Instagram) as a Cracked & Broken Doll
    4. Mexysol (Instagram) as an Intergalactic Princess
    5. Sydney Happle aka Drea12eard (Instagram) as a Giraffe Girl
    6. Ashley aka Runnergurlms (Instagram) as Murdery Gypsy Princess
    I absolutely LOVE the creativity going on. I've never seen a lot of these ideas - and it's making me want to try something really creative this Halloween!
    Let's keep the fun going! Show us your Halloween looks - past or present! You'll be entered into the contest for $200 gift card AND our $50 gift card raffle!!
    More ways to win!
    $50 Raffle:
    If you don't want to share a look and simply want a chance at those 50 bucks, share any of our promo banners on Instagram or Facebook with this phrase: Share a Halloween makeup look to win $200 at! #halloweenscandal @bluescandal
    Keep easy track of your giveaway points using our gleam page:
    FYI - we're picking TWO $50 raffle winners!
    Ready for a major $200 beauty haul?!
    Share your costume or Halloween makeup look and enter the contest with the same phrase "Share a Halloween makeup look to win $200 at! #halloweenscandal @bluescandal" on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! If you enter on Twitter, change the @ to @blue_scandal (yay underscores... * sarcasm font * )
    Let's see your looks - surprise us!
    Find the official rules below, and as always -
    Stay Scandalous!
    Halloween Contest Blue Scandal
    Official rules:


    Win a $200 spending spree!!
    3 lucky winners will get spending sprees at - just share a pic of yourself in a Halloween look and tag us with the quote below to enter. Surprise everyone! Let's get in the Halloween spirit!


    1. $200 gift card to for the picture with the most Likes.
    2. Two random winners will be selected for a $50 gift card to (raffle style - no picture necessary).
    How to Enter for the $200 prize:
    1. Share a Halloween makeup look on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance at the $200 gift card.
    2. Include the text: "Share a Halloween makeup look to win $200 at! #halloweenscandal @bluescandal" (for Twitter, use @blue_scandal).
    How to Enter for the $50 prize:
    1. Like or share any of our Halloween contest banners on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for a chance at a $50 gift card. You can find them on our blog and social media. Don't forget the quote above so we can find you!
    2. For limitless bonus entries, Like or comment on the Halloween banners found on our social media. You can also tag @ friends who love makeup in the comments.
    Contest and raffle end 10/31/2016 at 11:59pm PST. No purchase necessary - void where prohibited - good luck and have fun!!

    Win a $200 Makeup Spree - Halloween Picture Contest!

    Win a $200 Makeup Spree - Halloween Picture Contest!

    Win a $200 Spending Spree at!

    Hi your royal scandalousness! I'm excited to announce a fun contest! Show off any Halloween makeup you like to win Scandal Cash!

    3 lucky winners will get spending sprees at - just share a pic of yourself in a past Halloween look and tag us with the quote below to enter. Surprise everyone! Let's get in the Halloween spirit!


    1. $200 Spending Spree at for the pic with the most likes across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    2. Two random entries will be selected for a $50 Spending Spree (raffle style)

    How to Enter:

    For easy $50 Raffle entry:

    Head to the Gleam page link for 1-click entry to the $50 raffle:

    For $200 prize entry:

    1. Share a past Halloween makeup look on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance at the $200 - most liked pic wins (we'll add up Likes from all 3 platforms for the same image only!)

    2. Include the text: "Share a past Halloween makeup look to win $200 at! #halloweenscandal @bluescandal"

    3. For limitless bonus chances to win one of the $50 raffle spending sprees, like and share this post (or either of these images) on your social media and don't forget the quote above so we can find you! You can also @ friends who love makeup in the comments below for bonus points - the more you share, the more chances to win, so rack up the extra points!

    No purchase necessary - good luck, have fun, and as always, Stay Scandalous!

    Blue Scandal just had a MAKEOVER!!

    Blue Scandal just had a MAKEOVER!!

    The title says it all, right?!

    Yes and no -- but before I get to the crazy-intense changes at Blue Scandal, I've gotta mention that we're running a FREE SHIPPING NO MINIMUM on U.S. orders to celebrate the new site launch!! 

    Apologies for being spammy but that's too good not to share!

    Back to the Launch Announcement

    If I haven't lost you to go shop and get free shipping, I just want to share why we decided to launch this latest awesomeness of a new website in the first place. We’ve grown a lot over the past two years, and we’re ready for more than just a new look… we’re not showing up with different colored hair and calling it a makeover. We’ve dug deep. We researched what we like and what we love about online shopping, because the Blue Scandal shop needed an overhaul.

    For the past few months we’ve basically been creating our beauty dream site. Now it's so blissful.Simple, clean, fun, and just... all the swoony, wonderful feels.

    So what’s different?

    • Shiny new logo! Do you love?!
    • Intuitive searching
    • Simplified login and account management
    • Quick, no-hassle checkout
    • Clean, uncluttered layout
    • The whole design just looks better!

    When I shop online, I like to find what I need, fast. I don’t want anything issue-ey, or any annoying extra clicks. And I want the site to be pretty. I can’t help it! Pretty sites are just nicer to visit.

    It’s kind of obvious, most shoppers want those things, too. You deserve a gorgeous shopping experience. Especially for your makeup, of all things. Pretty is kind of a must.

    What about using the website, though? Our entirely new website is being rolled out with techy-stuff the IT guy explained and showed us, and it's amazing. So fast and easy to use, he made magic happen. I’m in complete love with the way the new site responds to my searching, hovering, shopping, everything.

    Fun, Special Extras!

    • Fun, easy-to-shop collections
    • Staff faves, picked by us!
    • Seasonal deals
    • Integrated blog & shop in one
    • Exclusive Legacy and Loyalty VIP

    Blue Scandal has become our hangout. We love the vibe, and the more we play with the new website the more we want to make it special. Me and the Blue Scandal crew keep coming up with ideas to make it easier, more fun, more personal.

    One thing is the legacy and loyalty promos we're putting together. Customers who have been here since before the new website, and new customers who keep coming back will be getting special gifts and surprise rewards in your inboxes!

    I love the personal touch we can add now with the new website. The integrated blog means now you can use the search bar not only for products, but for How-To's and tutorials, makeup reviews, anything that's been written about!

    It's All About You!

    Okay… changing gears for a bit here. The website is spectacular, YES, but this whole new shopping system and re-launch is about you. Here's what I mean:

    In-person if you met me, you might think, “She’s confident. Look at her, wearing an enormous flower in her hair. She’s doing HER and she isn’t going to let other people’s opinions change that. Rock on!”

    All of that’s true-ish (I’m confident most of the time! Keep spiders far away please). But at Blue Scandal, we most definitely want to hear your opinions. It’s cheesy, but sometimes cheesy things must be said to make sure the other person knows, but we one thousand percent care what you think! I’m loving the new look so much, but do you like (love??) it? Going through a makeover kinda-sorta-definitely means I would love to hear your thoughts.

    This blog post has become one of those chatty-type posts where it feels like we’re chatting over a green chai latte. Or maybe a pumpkin spice something-or-other, because OCTOBER. I guess what I’m getting at is, it’s not enough to have a pretty face. It’s what’s INSIDE that counts. And we’ve given ourselves a makeover on the inside, too. This was a heckuvalot of work, and the only reason to go through all that hooplah is because we want you to love our site! You are our TOP priority. Our site was designed for you.

    With that in mind, me and the rest of the Blue Scandal crew tested and tried out beauty platforms and websites every-which-way-but-up - and then some. Ultimately, we realized that beauty shopping is as much in-evolution as we are. I imagine we’ll be changing things, tweaking things, all the stuff to keep our shop spectacular, but for now…

    We absolutely love our new look!

    But do you?!

    What are your thoughts?

    And don't forget about our FREE SHIPPING no minimum promo for U.S. orders! Let's celebrate - with makeup, of course!

    Stay Scandalous!


    6 Iconic Celebrities Who Made Cat Eye Makeup Look Effortless

    6 Iconic Celebrities Who Made Cat Eye Makeup Look Effortless

    When done right, cat eyeliner makeup is absolutely captivating. These celebs were famous for their acting, sex appeal, singing - and cat eyes!

    The classic look so many of us adore was spearheaded by these and other celebrities who flaunted this flirty look - that's the inspiration for this week's Fab 6 Friday Roundup! (Because 5 just wasn't enough!)

    Jane Fonda

    Barefoot in the Park was one of the first movies I watched that made me actively aware of the cat eye look. I didn’t know what it WAS, exactly. Just waking up to makeup looks and styles, I was probably in junior high and channel surfing when I stumbled on this 1960s classic starring Jane Fonda, and I was instantly captivated.

    Jane Fonda

    Jane Fonda rocked the look throughout her career, probably most memorably in Barbarella.

    Audrey Hepburn

    The queen of the cat eye herself, Audrey Hepburn. I fell in love with her look when I was a youngster. Her quotes on beauty and her charming performances in movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s completely enchanted me.
    Audrey Hepbrun

    If there were Hollywood starlet versions of Disney Princesses, Audrey Hepburn would definitely have her own castle.

    Nichelle Nichols

    I can’t think of cat eye makeup without thinking of Uhura from Star Trek. Nichelle Nichols may very well have been born with cat eye makeup immaculately in place as far as I know. Her career is defined by her role on Star Trek, but my makeup-oriented memory always thinks of her gorgeous eyeliner first.

    Nichelle Nichols as Uhura

    Gorgeous and always perfectly shaped winged liner was a hallmark of Nichelle Nichols’ look - along with an ultra-short miniskirt and hoop earrings.

    Marilyn Monroe

    One of Hollywood’s pioneers in controversy, Marilyn Monroe was rarely seen without her signature cat eyes. I first saw her look when I watched The Seven Year Itch, and promptly found Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

    Marilyn Monroe

    Judge me if you must, but I absolutely adore Marilyn Monroe’s breathless delivery and daring, suggestive performances.

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Cleopatra herself! Elizabeth Taylor rocked her cat eye like she owned and trademarked it. Famous not only for her child stardom-to-sensual starlet Hollywood acting, but for whirlwind romances - Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times!! EIGHT! The woman was a wedding junkie! Though technically she only had 7 husbands (she married Richard Burton twice).

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Glamour, thy name is Elizabeth Taylor.

    Diana Ross

    Starting out as one of The Supremes, Diana Ross carried her cat eye look with her to a solo career. Her huge, soulful eyes immediately draw me in, and they’re a major focus of attention whenever I watched her performances.

    Diana Ross

    I was torn about including her on this list because she also belongs on another list I’m compiling of iconic celebs with the most AMAZING lashes I’ve ever seen - just look at those things!

    Smoky eyes, kitten flecks, rounded eyeliner and au naturale all have their place, but a precise cat eye is still my absolute favorite look.

    Did I miss anyone who batted lashes with a cat eye look?

    What’s your favorite eyeliner look?


    Stay Scandalous!


    New Product Alert! L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder Review

    New Product Alert! L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder Review

    Hello fellow makeup addicts! This week I have a New Product Alert! L.A. Girl just launched their all-new Strobe Lite Strobing Powder line, and it's an absolute dream!

    Completely gorgeous. These come in 12 radiant hues ranging from 10 Watt through 120 Watt, letting you decide how intense you want your glow and highlight.
    They start off in tones that area almost like high luminescence bronzers, then move into rose gold shades and finally white hots at the far end of the spectrum.
    LA Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder Swatches  LA Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder Labeled Swatches
    I'm in love with hightlighting, and I'm beyond ecstatic at all the varieties L.A. Girl has for strobing!
    Check them out at or use the direct link to L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder here.

    Are you a fan of strobing?

    What products do you ADORE?

    Are you dying to get your hands on these L.A. Girl products, too?

    And don't forget about our SPECIAL PRICE on our
    Stay Scandalous!

    Crazy. Awesome. Deal. 11 Dabo Sheet Masks for an Incredible Price

    Crazy. Awesome. Deal. 11 Dabo Sheet Masks for an Incredible Price

    Try them all. Find your favorites. Share with your friends.

    At this price, for 11 sheet masks, you can afford to be generous.

    Whether you're new to Korean beauty (K-beauty, as we call it), or you're a 10-step skincare, sheet masking champion, this set is too good to pass up! Nourish, hydrate, refresh, renew... and as always...
    Stay Scandalous!