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    K-Beauty Curious: 3 Full & Natural Brow Power Products

    K-Beauty Curious: 3 Full & Natural Brow Power Products

    What's the brow trend in K-beauty? Soft, full brows that are as natural-looking as possible. No sharply defined or razor-thinned styles here. One thing that's much more prevalent is the idea of daily "tattooing" with temporary inks that last through face-washings.

    Get the Look!


    Clio has a wide range of products, from temporary tattoo style and waterproof brow mascara wands.

    Clio Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo Pen & Brow Mascara Duo

    This is a fantastic duo set for both "tattooing" and daily fill-in and fullness.

    The great thing about applying a daily tattoo-style brow makeup, is you wake up with fantastic brows everyday. I don't want to misguide you into thinking that "temporary tattoo" means you can apply it and forget it for a few days. It's more like, daily maintenance that gives you a little breathing room if you want to wake up with full brows-- or if you want to take a splash in the pool.

    Clio Kill Brow Tattoo Pen

    Clio Kill Brow Tattoo Ink Brow

    Another great tattoo pen that's gives you the flexibility to decide how you'd want to fill-in (perfect for me, since I prefer powders instead of cream-based mascara wands).

    Clio Brow Twist-Up Mascara Wand

    A fantastic, creamy formula for those who want to groom and color in one single swoop!

    Now that I've tried the Kill Brow Tattoo products, I love them, but not alone. I found they're wonderful for keeping my brows looking great when I first wake up (which is lovely), but that I still wanted to use a powder and liner for definition.

    It's Skin

    It's skin offers two really great products:

    It's Skin Babyface Brow Pencil

    It's Skin Babyface Brow Pencil with Spoolie

    I love how smoothly this glides on. It also has a built-in spoolie, helping you keep brows groomed and tamed after you've filled them in with the creamy pencil-tip side.

    It's Top Professional Eyebrow Cake

    It's Top Professional Eyebrow Powder Cake

    This reminds me a LOT of other, mainstream brand eyebrow products. I like the idea of using a powder for filling in brows, and I appreciate the precision I can get with the angled brush, and the spoolie is the perfect tool for taming those stray brow hairs.

    Both of the It's Skin products are similar to other products on the market in the U.S., so they're a nice way to get into health-conscious, beneficial Korean beauty products using something you're already familiar with.

    Peripera Ink Brow

    I can hardly write a blog post about K-beauty without mentioning Peripera, one of the powerhouses of K-beauty colored makeup.

    Peripera Ink Brow

    The Ink Brow line is liquid and the applicator reminded me a little of a nail polish brush. This is very different from other products out there, and it took me a little getting used to, but once I did (the key is to DAB, not brush), the rich pigmentation made my brows look so full and natural. Completely love this one!

    What's even better about this? It lasts ALL day. Even through sweat and humidity. It's a nice alternative to the tattoo-style if you're looking for something long-lasting but don't always want to look made-up.

    Have you guys tried any K-beauty brow products? How did you like them? What are your faves?

    Stay Scandalous!