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    Hooray - Black FriYAY! And Blue Scandal Has Soooo Many Great DEALS!

    Hooray - Black FriYAY! And Blue Scandal Has Soooo Many Great DEALS!

    Blue is the new black - for Black Friday, that is. Blue Scandal has tons of items marked down for the holiday. And our promo code gives you 25% off non-sale, non-fragrance, so all your shopping can go easy on your wallet!

    Hot for the HolidaysUp to half off of loads of Korean Beauty products, and even more on clearance items.

    Let us pass the savings on to you!


    Want to nab that sweet free U.S. shipping, but your cart is just a couple of dollars short?


    Flash Sale Under 1 Dollar

    Take a peek at our Everything Under $1 Flash Sale!

    Lip color, eyeshadow, makeup remover, sponges and so much more!


    I love a deal, and I am VERY excited about the ones we've come up with for you all!


    Here are JUST A FEW of my favoritey-favorites:


    Collagen Skincare Set from Blue ScandalCollagen Plus Skincare Set from Dabo
    Regular Price: $50
    Your Price: $25



    Argan Oil Skincare

    Argan Essential Skincare Set
    Regular Price: $25.00
    Your Price: $15

    And from the Under $1 Section...


    Hair Jewelry from Blue Scandal

     Hair Jewelry from Cala
    Regular Price: $2.00
    Your Price: .99


    Cala EyelashEveryday Eyelashes from Cala
    Regular Price $1.85
    Your Price: .99


    Pick something up for those special people on your list - or treat yourself! Because naughty or nice, 'tis the season for scandalous savings.


    Happy Shopping! And as always...


    Stay Scandalous!


    The Top 12 List of Awesome Things in Life to Be Thankful For

    The Top 12 List of Awesome Things in Life to Be Thankful For

    An Attitude of Gratitude... and a List that Could Go On Forever!


    Headquartered in the U.S., all of us in the Blue Scandal Crew are talking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday - loved ones and good food are the order of the day!

    Pumpkin Pie

    YES we will be having an office potluck - I hope someone brings pie!


    To start off this week of appreciation, the Blue Scandal team is embracing an Attitude of Gratitude, and we're taking a few moments to appreciate the good things we have.


    With that in mind, I asked the staff a different kind of question than I normally do. Rather than find out what their favorite matte liquid lipstick is, or how the new lines of skincare have been leaving their complexion, I asked:


    Hey Blue Scandal Staff, what are some things you're thankful to have in your life?


    The Big 3: Family - Health - Safety

    No surprise here! Everyone I asked shared feelings of gratitude for these three, in one way or another:


    1. Family

    Family in the Snow

    "I couldn’t write a list of thankful things without thinking of my family, who have always been there for me, and to remember those who have left this world too soon, but who I will always love."


    2. Health

    Healthy Lifestyle

    "I know way too many people with health problems to not appreciate my healthy lungs, strong heart, and the illness-free body I’ve been granted."


    3. Safety


    "So many people are living in war, abusive situations, or other unsafe circumstances. I don’t want to forget how fortunate I am to live each day feeling safe in the community I live in."


    I completely agree! Not everyone has these things, and I always want to remember not to take any of them for granted, too. If you’re fortunate to have them, you have so much in life!


    Lots More Awesomeness to Be Thankful For


    There are so many amazing things in the world, and we hope you have lots to feel grateful for! Here are some more answers from the Blue Scandal Crew:


    4. BFFS and Crazy, Silly, Awesome, Anything-For-You, Always There For You Friends

    Best Friends

    You know the ones. They make you laugh hard enough to spray your monitor. When you’re down, they’re right there with ya to wallow, and they know when it’s time to get out and have fun!


    5. Romantic Relationships

    Cute Romantic Couple

    Isn't a boyfriend / girlfriend already included in Number 4? If they're a spouse, don't they count as family? Either way, this answer from Blue Scandal Staff came along often enough to deserve its own section. Those of us who are all moon-eyed and in love are definitely grateful for that Special Someone in life - and those of us with SUPER SECRET CRUSHES also appreciate those butterfy feelings their Confidential Special Someone inspires.


    6. Faith


    More than one person mentioned appreciation for their beliefs, or the Big Guy Upstairs, or something along those lines. Being a part of a spiritual community is something a lot of us are grateful for. No matter what kind of belief system a person has, faith can get us through difficult times and bring us closer to others.


    7. Pets!

    Pet Hedgehog

    This one could be considered family, but they’re their own fuzzy / scaly / feathery brand of friendship that deserves a category all their own. Unconditional love? And then some! I'm definitely grateful to have my little pups in my life.


    8. Creativity


    Sometimes it’s mood inspiring music that helps me feel joyful or gets me through sad times. Other times it’s an incredible book that lets me feel like I’ve experienced another life. It could be a hilarious comic, a gorgeous anime, an uplifting movie, a breathtaking sculpture, but whatever it is, I’m grateful to live in a world that embraces creativity in all its forms.


    9. Diversity


    There are still a lot of struggles, but humankind is striving to embrace differences. Learning about other ways of life and even experiencing the traditions of other cultures make me feel more grounded and connected to others. I’m grateful for the triumphs we’ve made as a human race in accepting differences, and I’m hopeful for future generations to go even further.


    10. Travel - Both First-Hand Journeys and Internet Voyages


    Even if finances and circumstances don’t allow me to travel, I’m grateful that I live in an era when I can go online and meet people from around the world, see their pictures, and even attempt their recipes. I’m especially grateful for the trips I’ve been able to take all over the United States, to Japan, and to Costa Rica - and I hope to be lucky enough to take more trips in the future.


    11. Nature

    Waterfall and Nature

    Our world is changing, becoming more and more high-tech and amazing, but I’m thankful for wide open spaces. Waterfalls, flowers, nature hikes, tide pools, gardens, sandy beaches, snowy mountains - because Earth is a glorious place.


    12. You!

    So Happy Reading the Blue Scandal Blog

    All of us at Blue Scandal are grateful for you! And since you're reading this blog, I'm particularly thankful to you. <3 One of the reasons I'm a writer is because I love my audience. I want to share things that inspire, uplift, and maybe even touch my readers, no matter the topic. I also happen to love makeup, and if you're at the Blue Scandal Blog, chances are, you do too! We already have that much in common, and I most definitely love chatting it up with you here and on social media. So, thank you for reading!


    Your Turn - Fill in the Blank!


    What are you thankful for? We'd love to hear it! Let's spread the warm fuzzy feelings and embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving!

     Stay Scandalous!



    Skincare Sunday: Propolis to Vanquish Dry Winter Skin for a Honey-Gold Complexion

    Skincare Sunday: Propolis to Vanquish Dry Winter Skin for a Honey-Gold Complexion

    Get Honey-Gold, Glowing Skin all Winter Long: Pure Heals Propolis Line

    Pure Heals Propolis Starter Set from Blue Scandal

    For details on this special ONLY from Blue Scandal for the Pure Heals Propolis Starter Set, scroll to the end of this post - or just click here!


    Pure Heals Propolis Line


    For those with sensitive, dry-prone skin, products with honey as a main ingredient are a lifesaver. The natural humectant properties and restorative nature of honey can’t be emphasized enough.

    But even those with normal-to-combination skin types can benefit from the intensive moisture of honey-based products, especially during winter months when skin suffers most. Heaters suck air dry of moisture and cold wind can leave skin chapped and in need of TLC.


    I’m really excited about the Pure Heals lines Blue Scandal is carrying now, most especially because of the Propolis line. These products are overflowing with honey, and not only that, but they are packed with propolis.


    But What IS Propolis?

  and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary define it as resin-like material collected by bees from tree buds, used to repair, strengthen the wax cells, and maintain the hive.

    Pure Heals Propolis Products from Blue Scandal

    WebMD and both mention the numerous benefits of propolis on skin, especially because of it’s natural antibacterial properties. It’s been used since 350 AD to treat minor abrasions, and is commonly used to speed up healing in canker sores and mouth wounds.


    So What Does This Mean for My Skin?


    Those of us with dry skin can develop irritated areas caused by inflammation. We can get dry, flaky patches. Some of us suffer from bouts of eczema (and I don’t know about you, but my doctors never seem to have a real solution for me when this happens - although oatmeal products seem to help a little).


    My Take


    My skin type is sensitive, easily reddened, eczema-proned, and dry... so the propolis line is ideal for me. The other 3 lines by Pure Heals are fantastic for those with different skin types - and I do love to use a brightening mask, or dabble with a pore cleansing volcanic mask now and then - but after 2 months using the propolis line daily, I’ve fallen in complete LOVE. I wake up to the glowing, hydrated, HEALTHY skin I thought could never be mine every day.

     Pure Heals from Blue Scandal Before and After

    About 3 weeks into my Pure Heals journey:

    On the left, you can see the reddened skin especially on my right cheek (mirror image), and on the right after letting my skin soak up the nourishing honey and propolis, the difference is visible! The redness is much less pronounced, and with ongoing use it rarely flares up at all. Such a win!

    (P.S. - Yes, I have let my brows grow out... this was an unfortunate time after trying out a new esthetician!)


    I’m kind of terrified of going back to my inflamed, peeling skin patches so I’m a little religious about using the toner, serum, and cream every morning, but for me it’s been so worth it. I couldn’t be happier that Blue Scandal is carrying my line!! Lucky me - and lucky anyone else who needs help with dry skin!

    Blue Scandal Editor Diana about to have sushi

    Even with the dimmer, more forgiving light of a sushi restaurant, you can still see how much of a difference a few weeks using propolis has done.

    That popular dewy-skinned, healthy glow from me of all people - I used to have the driest skin ever - I NEVER thought it would happen!

    Can you see why I'm in love with Korean beauty skincare routines? Hopefully Blue Scandal never everrrr stops carrying it - seriously, if I hear it’s going to be discontinued, I will probably buy enough to fill a bunker.


    Special Offer - Only from Blue Scandal

    If you have sensitive or dry-prone skin, I can’t recommend honey and propolis enough. I think you’ll love this set we’ve put together with an extremely special price!



    I love that it has all the essentials:

     Pure Heals Propolis Cleansing Milk from Blue ScandalPropolis Cleansing Milk



    Pure Heals Propolis Ampoule from Blue ScandalPropolis 90 Ampoule


    Pure Heals Propolis Mist from Blue Scandal



    We’re going to have special sets for each of the 3 other lines by Pure Heals, so if you have oily-prone skin, damaged skin, or complexion issues, there is a Pure Heals bundle set coming your way soon!

    Have you tried honey or propolis products before?

    What else works for you to help quench thirsty skin?

    Stay Scandalous!


    New! EXCLUSIVE Brand Alert: Introducing K-Beauty from Pure Heals!

    New! EXCLUSIVE Brand Alert: Introducing K-Beauty from Pure Heals!

    These are fun times at Blue Scandal because for the past few weeks we’ve been testing products from a high prestige Korean Beauty company, Pure Heals. Luxurious ingredients and innovative products are just the beginning with this brand - heat-up pore cleansing gel, hello there!!


    After testing several products (and LOVING them), I couldn’t be more thrilled to find out that we’re carrying 4 of Pure Heal’s most popular lines from Korea!


    Pure Heals is all about customizing your skincare. It’s extremely hard to find in America, and at Blue Scandal we are bursting with excitement about being one of the only U.S. retailers to offer their products!


    Let me introduce you to each super-personalized Pure Heals lines from Blue Scandal, and how they can help you have the most amazing, gorgeous skin possible.


    Propolis = contains honey and propolis, which is a substance collected by honeybees used to seal honeycombs. Click image to view products!

    Propolis Pure Heals from Blue Scandal

    Best for: Counteracting irritation for sensitive skin and providing intense moisture.

    Why? Honey has soothing properties and propolis has been proven to calm irritation.


    Volcanic = contains minerals from nutrient-rich volcanic ash. Click image to view products!

    Volcanic Pure Heals from Blue Scandal

    Best for: Removing impurities, cleansing pores, and balancing oily skin.

    Why? Clay formed from volcanic ash has been proven to draw out toxins and excess oil - so only clean skin is left.


    Galactomyces = contains extracts from fermented rice.

    Galactomyces Pure Heals from Blue Scandal

    Best for: Brightening skin and improving complexion.

    Why? Enzymes caused from fermentation slough off dead skin cells, leaving skin fresh with more vitality.


    Centella = contains extracts from green tea and centella asiatica (the centella plant is an herb).

    Centella Pure Heals from Blue Scandal

    Best for: Repairing and protecting damaged skin.

    Why? Centella has oils that form a barrier against harmful elements. Green tea has reparative nutrients.

    We're also carrying specialty items apart from each line, like tangerine sleep packs and ginseng sheet masks - the camellia sleep pack smells incredible!


    Choose the line that’s best for your skin -

    you will see and feel the difference!

     Pure Heals from Blue Scandal

    Which of these lines match for your skin type? I’m Propolis all the way - with my eczema-prone, constantly parched skin it’s my hands-down favorite.


    Stay tuned for special introductory pricing to each of these nourishing lines, and as always…

    Stay Scandalous!



    Halloween Contest 2016 - And The Winners Are...

    Halloween Contest 2016 - And The Winners Are...

    Hello lovelies!

    This month we had a LOT of fun coordinating the Blue Scandal Halloween Makeup Contest. Being behind it all, I am especially appreciative to those 15 brave souls who shared their look in the hopes of winning a major makeup shopping spree.

    First things first, WHO WON THE RAFFLE?!

    We drew randomly using an app called Gleam - and here are the results!!

    Entrant #157 - Christine M
    Entrant #34 Anali O
    Halloween Makeup Contest


    We will be contacting you via the email you used in your submission! Congratulations, and happy shopping!! -P.S.- If you want to show off your $50 HAUL, we would love to see what you got! Tag us on Facebook @bluescandal so we can watch the makeup fun and share vicariously in your epic luck!

    Now... for the Costume Contest

    With a Grand Prize of a $200 Gift Card!

    I wasn't really sure what kind of response I was going to get! All 15 entrants added a little something special to the contest - let's look at them once more - and omg YES I'm making you scroll to the bottom for the winner - I made each of the entrants a cute little caption, after all! They deserve it! <3 <3 (/*^-^)/*

    Staff Choice for Most Elegantly Haunting:

    _cherrydoll (Instagram) as Undead Skeleton


    Staff Choice for Most Sweet-as-Sugar:

    TrishAnneMcKee (Instagram) as Betty Boop


    Staff Choice for Most Wildly Adorable:

    Drea12aerd (Instagram) as Giraffe Girl


    Staff Choice for Most Likely to Stab with a Smile:

    Runnergurlms (Instagram) as Murdery Gypsy Princess


    Staff Choice for Most Creepily Flawless: Ewelinasztaff (Instagram) as Nature-ey Zombie Girl


    Staff Choice for Most Magical Smile: Mellionie Rogers (Facebook) as Minnie Mouse


    Staff Choice for Most Beautifully Twisted & Original: Ziizii21 (Instagram) as Cracked & Broken Doll


    Staff Choice for Most Out-of-this-World Celestial: Mexysol (Instagram) as Intergalactic Princess


    Staff Choice for Most Darling Lil' Deranged Doll: Pazcast (Instagram) as Bride of Chucky


    Staff Choice for Most Eerily Lovely: LeslieHwang (Instagram) as Undead Skeleton Girl


    Staff Choice for Most Terrifyingly Beautiful: Lovelyy_tiff (Instagram) as Goth Girl Harlequin Clown


    Staff Choice for Most Intricately Lovely Spirit: _brwn_eyed_girl_ (Instagram) as Dia de los Muertos Skeleton

    ~ ~ ~

    The Runner Ups!

    Here's where the competition started to REALLY heat up!!

    Bonus! Our Runner Ups are each receiving a $25 gift card!!

    Enjoy and Congrats- but most of all, THANK YOU for making our contest so fun, down to the final minutes!!


    With votes across social media and right here on the Blue Scandal website, the runner ups are:

    ~ In 3rd Place, with 34 votes ~

    Staff Choice for Most Likely to #Slay as she Slays: Cana_MUA_ (Instagram) as Bride of Chucky

    ~ In 2nd Place with 48 votes ~

    Staff Choice for Most Drop-Dead Accurate: Phalesia Visione-Pilkington (Facebook) as The Joker

    ~ And the Winner, 67 votes ~

    Staff Choice for Most Gorgeous Eyes and All-Around Way to Own It: Lonestrdiamond (Twitter) as Native American Girl.


    You voted! The people have spoken! To those of you in the U.S., don't forget to use these epic voting skills you've practiced to cast your vote on Tuesday November 8th at the polls!! ;)

    Thank you to all who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

    **Attention all entrants who weren't runner ups or winners**

    If you haven't messaged me on social media with your email account, please do so ASAP! I have a special promo thank-you for participating!! Thank you again! And as always...

    Stay Scandalous!