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    What's the Scandal... — Pure Heals

    Skincare Sunday: Propolis to Vanquish Dry Winter Skin for a Honey-Gold Complexion

    Skincare Sunday: Propolis to Vanquish Dry Winter Skin for a Honey-Gold Complexion

    Get Honey-Gold, Glowing Skin all Winter Long: Pure Heals Propolis Line

    Pure Heals Propolis Starter Set from Blue Scandal

    For details on this special ONLY from Blue Scandal for the Pure Heals Propolis Starter Set, scroll to the end of this post - or just click here!


    Pure Heals Propolis Line


    For those with sensitive, dry-prone skin, products with honey as a main ingredient are a lifesaver. The natural humectant properties and restorative nature of honey can’t be emphasized enough.

    But even those with normal-to-combination skin types can benefit from the intensive moisture of honey-based products, especially during winter months when skin suffers most. Heaters suck air dry of moisture and cold wind can leave skin chapped and in need of TLC.


    I’m really excited about the Pure Heals lines Blue Scandal is carrying now, most especially because of the Propolis line. These products are overflowing with honey, and not only that, but they are packed with propolis.


    But What IS Propolis?


    Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary define it as resin-like material collected by bees from tree buds, used to repair, strengthen the wax cells, and maintain the hive.

    Pure Heals Propolis Products from Blue Scandal

    WebMD and Livestrong.com both mention the numerous benefits of propolis on skin, especially because of it’s natural antibacterial properties. It’s been used since 350 AD to treat minor abrasions, and is commonly used to speed up healing in canker sores and mouth wounds.


    So What Does This Mean for My Skin?


    Those of us with dry skin can develop irritated areas caused by inflammation. We can get dry, flaky patches. Some of us suffer from bouts of eczema (and I don’t know about you, but my doctors never seem to have a real solution for me when this happens - although oatmeal products seem to help a little).


    My Take


    My skin type is sensitive, easily reddened, eczema-proned, and dry... so the propolis line is ideal for me. The other 3 lines by Pure Heals are fantastic for those with different skin types - and I do love to use a brightening mask, or dabble with a pore cleansing volcanic mask now and then - but after 2 months using the propolis line daily, I’ve fallen in complete LOVE. I wake up to the glowing, hydrated, HEALTHY skin I thought could never be mine every day.

     Pure Heals from Blue Scandal Before and After

    About 3 weeks into my Pure Heals journey:

    On the left, you can see the reddened skin especially on my right cheek (mirror image), and on the right after letting my skin soak up the nourishing honey and propolis, the difference is visible! The redness is much less pronounced, and with ongoing use it rarely flares up at all. Such a win!

    (P.S. - Yes, I have let my brows grow out... this was an unfortunate time after trying out a new esthetician!)


    I’m kind of terrified of going back to my inflamed, peeling skin patches so I’m a little religious about using the toner, serum, and cream every morning, but for me it’s been so worth it. I couldn’t be happier that Blue Scandal is carrying my line!! Lucky me - and lucky anyone else who needs help with dry skin!

    Blue Scandal Editor Diana about to have sushi

    Even with the dimmer, more forgiving light of a sushi restaurant, you can still see how much of a difference a few weeks using propolis has done.

    That popular dewy-skinned, healthy glow from me of all people - I used to have the driest skin ever - I NEVER thought it would happen!

    Can you see why I'm in love with Korean beauty skincare routines? Hopefully Blue Scandal never everrrr stops carrying it - seriously, if I hear it’s going to be discontinued, I will probably buy enough to fill a bunker.


    Special Offer - Only from Blue Scandal

    If you have sensitive or dry-prone skin, I can’t recommend honey and propolis enough. I think you’ll love this set we’ve put together with an extremely special price!



    I love that it has all the essentials:

     Pure Heals Propolis Cleansing Milk from Blue ScandalPropolis Cleansing Milk



    Pure Heals Propolis Ampoule from Blue ScandalPropolis 90 Ampoule


    Pure Heals Propolis Mist from Blue Scandal



    We’re going to have special sets for each of the 3 other lines by Pure Heals, so if you have oily-prone skin, damaged skin, or complexion issues, there is a Pure Heals bundle set coming your way soon!

    Have you tried honey or propolis products before?

    What else works for you to help quench thirsty skin?

    Stay Scandalous!