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    What's the Scandal... — sheet masking

    Crazy. Awesome. Deal. 11 Dabo Sheet Masks for an Incredible Price

    Crazy. Awesome. Deal. 11 Dabo Sheet Masks for an Incredible Price

    Try them all. Find your favorites. Share with your friends.

    At this price, for 11 sheet masks, you can afford to be generous.

    Whether you're new to Korean beauty (K-beauty, as we call it), or you're a 10-step skincare, sheet masking champion, this set is too good to pass up! Nourish, hydrate, refresh, renew... and as always...
    Stay Scandalous!

    Skincare Sunday: 5 Easy Steps, 30 Little Minutes, and 1 De-Stressed You!

    Skincare Sunday: 5 Easy Steps, 30 Little Minutes, and 1 De-Stressed You!

    De-Stressing Our Skin and Our Minds

    My goal? To allow both my body and mind to detox and refresh after a week of LIFE. I don’t want to make this a chore, so I'm focusing on more than just the skincare aspect. I might never do it again if it’s barely better than doing the dishes! So I set out candles, my music, and got all my stuff ready and in place.

    Step 1:


    My empty tea cup and tea bag are already set near the microwave (this week I went with Tao Orange Spice). I initially planned on doing some coloring in an adult coloring book - okay that sounds so WRONG when I type it out! Fellow gutter-heads, get your head back in the clouds! Adult coloring books are just complicated, design-heavy coloring books geared toward adults!


    I forgot to show the mask and my candles. This is only my first week, though. I'll be all pro in no time! Maybe. But hopefully you get the idea! Relaxing + skincare = wonderful!

    But! I never made it to the store to pick up a coloring book, so today I’m going to be journaling. Journaling is very therapeutic for me, especially when I use actual paper and ink, instead of a computer. I like the flow of words that can't be so easily erased. I like seeing my sloppy handwriting.
    What you choose as your relaxing, de-stress activity is completely personal! Maybe you want to try origami, or calligraphy, or cross-stitching... or maybe you want to close your eyes and meditate. The main thing is unplugging and re-centering.

    Step 2:

    Getting rid of the gunk!

    With Alicia Keyes playing and vanilla scented candles working their magic, I started with a makeup removing cleansing tissue. I had done the unthinkable and fallen asleep with my makeup on! It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but still! Putting on any kind of nourishing cleanser didn’t seem to make a lot of sense when it would have to battle its way through dirt and makeup from YESTERDAY.

    With most of my makeup tossed in the trash, I followed up with one of my favorite moisturizing foaming cleansers (I have dry skin) by It's Skin. This got rid of even MORE of my makeup residue, especially my eyeliner.

     Foamy face!

    Step 3:

    Exfoliate me, baby!

    Sometimes I'm a little unorthodox, and instead of double-cleansing right away, I jump over to my skin peel gel. Skincare is personal, after all! The steps in our routine can be a little different. But this time I did things the "proper" way, because I really want to be thorough when it's my once-a-week deep clean.




    I love gel exfoliators. Soooo gentle. This time I'm using Lebleese Absolue Perfect Snail Peeling Gel. YES it has real snail mucin. I put snail mucin on my FACE! There's something I never thought I'd do. The protective and repairing properties are apparently AMAZEBALLS so why not?!

     Squeaky clean! I tried to get close and show the skin peeling cellulose material that exfoliates.
    I don't know if you can see, but they leave my skin feeling so soft.

    Step 4:

    Masking and relaxing

    With my skin bare and my pores clean, I’m ready for loads of nutrients and intensive moisture.

    But first, my tea!



    Someone asked me if it's hard to drink and mask at the same time. It isn't for me, but I guess I do have to purse my lips a little first.





    But the mask! The first thing I noticed with the Tony Moly’s I’m Real Sheet Mask is that it feels superrrr soft. The gel is extremely slick and feels great, while the mask stays on perfectly. It felt comfortable for the full 20 minutes I had it on, and the gel didn’t drip.


    As usual when I mask, I squeezed the excess from the packaging and use it on my neck.

    20 minutes of listening to love songs and journaling about my goals and how I want to realign my life for the future, and some sketching in the margins. I don't know if that sounds relaxing to anyone else, but I love the feel of a pen against paper. Sometimes typing isn't the same.

    So! My tea was just the right amount of sweet and spice, my journaling felt soothing to my mind and let me breakaway from the electronics in my life, and best of all, my face is clean and hydrated.



     Fresh-faced and ready to take on a new week of smog, dirt, and makeup!

    Step 5:

    Enjoy your results

    My skin feels hydrated and plump. Once I patted in the excess product, I did one more thing. I looked at myself in the mirror. Not just glanced, but I really took myself in. Freckles, discoloration, laugh lines, all of it. It’s all me. And I want to love the way I look, love who I am, even when I don’t have BB cream and brows filled in. It’s a different kind of appreciation, I guess, because I can’t help loving contoured and made-up looks, too.

    Lastly, I used an intensive moisturizer and now I'm letting my skin rest.

    I hope you decide to try an intensive stress-relief and skincare weekly treatment, too! It’s good for you, and not just your skin, but your inner mojo, too!


    What kind of music do you like to listen to when you de-stress?

    I’d love to hear your playlists!

    And what about PRODUCTS?! What did you use?

    I love finding out about new goodies!


    Stay Scandalous!