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    What is it?

    An intensive skincare routine that will give you softer skin and visible improvements.

    How Often?

    Once a Week.

    Do 10 steps sound overwhelming? Don’t worry! This isn’t meant to be an everyday skincare regimen, and not every skin type needs all 10 steps. Finding the time once a week to pamper your face is going to pay off in the long run, no matter which steps you do.

    Need help figuring out the difference between products? Click each section for details!

    Step 1: Remove Makeup (Skippable if you weren’t wearing makeup anyway)

    Let’s get down to your naked skin. Types of nourishing K-Beauty makeup removers include:

    • Oil-Based
    • Green Tea Based
    • Aloe Based

    Step 2: Cleanse

    Time to clean and purify your face. Types of cleansers include:

    • Foaming
    • Cream
    • Milk-Based
    • Oil-Based
    • Gel

    Step 3: Gently Exfoliate

    The key word here is gently. Sensitive skin should avoid harsh abrasives. Types of exfoliators include:

    • Peeling Gels
    • Sugar Scrubs
    • Salt Scrubs
    • Hyaluronic Scrub

    Step 4: Add Deep Benefit

    Here’s a good place to handle your skin’s specific needs. Types of products include:

    • Nose Pore Strips
    • Charcoal deep cleansers
    • Impurity absorbing peat mask peels
    • T-Zone oil control

    Step 5: Tone

    You’re halfway there! Toners restore pH balance. Types of toners include:

    • Freshening
    • Balancing
    • Whitening
    • Collagen Repair
    • Mucin Restorative

    Step 6: Boost (You can use multiple products here, such as essence + ampoule)

    Your skin is ready to absorb concentrated K-Beauty goodness. Types of products include:

    • Essence
    • Serums
    • Ampoules

    Step 7: Emulsify (Skippable if you have oily skin, or during warmer months)

    Emulsion products are thin, quenching hydration formulas that soften skin. These include:

    • Water-Based
    • Oil-Based
    • Targeted benefit (soothing redness, collagen infusion etc.)

    Step 8: Eye Care (Can be combined with step 9)

    The skin around our eyes is thinner and more susceptible to early aging, and typically needs much thicker products than the face. Types include:

    • Anti-Wrinkle Serums
    • Intensive Creams
    • Under-eye Brightening

    Step 9: Moisturize

    This step is what locks in the benefit and provides a barrier against loss of moisture. Products include:

    • Nourishing Creams
    • Dense, Dry-Skin Formulas
    • Acne-fighting
    • Lightweight, sheer hydration

    Step 10 (Day / Night Editions):

    • Day: SPF Product (Can be combined with step 9 if using SPF moisturizer)

    Types include:

      • SPF Lotion
      • BB Cream with SPF
      • Foundation Powder with SPF
    • Night: Deep Benefit-Over-Time Product

    Types include:

      • Sleeping Balm
      • Night Pack
      • Heavy Moisturizer

    Does this seem like too much to do once a week? Check out our 5-Step Special K-Beauty Skincare: Sheet Mask Edition! Almost all the same benefit in half the steps!